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Groove to the Music with Dance Classes Near Mount Pleasant, SC

Dancing has a wonderful way of taking us to a special place where we can embrace the moment and forget our worries, if only for a few minutes. It's enjoyable, healthy, and a great way to connect with others who share your passions. It can also be magical, like when you hear your favorite song and nail a high-energy dance routine that you've been practicing. But for new and seasoned dancers looking for classes in The Palmetto State, what options are there to consider?

If you're reading this and looking for a dance studio in South Carolina, look no further than Holy City Dance Center. From first-time beginners to experienced dancers with hours of on-stage experience, Holy City Dance has the leadership, facility, and classes to keep you moving to the music all year long.

Service Areas

Dance School Mount Pleasant, SC

You'll Be Happy to Call Holy City Dance Center Home

When you choose Holy City Dance, you get much more than a place to practice new dance moves - you get access to an elite dancing experience in a warm, welcoming environment full of feel-good juju purpose-driven instruction. We believe that dance lessons and dancing in general help produce happy people. As such, we do everything in our power to provide a happy, positive studio in which dancers, new and old, can learn and express themselves.

Every member of our leadership team and staff is professional, talented, and, perhaps most importantly, fully committed to safely and lovingly guiding dancers. While we specialize in teaching dance lessons, we also focus on building character and kindness - especially for our younger students. At the end of the day, our goal is to combine the best aspects of hard work and dance to create a fulfilling and fun experience for all.

With a long list of both youth and adult dance lessons near Mount Pleasant, SC, Holy City Dance Center offers something for everyone, whether you're looking to join a new performance team or a simple Mommy & Me program. Whether you are two or 102 years old, we want you in class having fun!!

Our class lessons include the following:

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Acro-Dance
  • Jumps & Turns
  • Stretch & Strengthen
  • Clogging
  • Musical Theater
  • Adult Dance Classes
  • Award Winning Competition Team
  • Performance Team
  • Recital Performance
  • Much More!

A Glance at Our Facility

Wondering whether or not our dance center is the right fit for you and your family? Located at 1939 Clements Ferry Road in Mount Pleasant, SC, we take a lot of pride in our facility and like to think that shows as soon as you walk through our front doors. With 4000 sq. ft. of space, we're able to provide the best everything you or your loved one needs for a high-quality dance education.

Our dance features many amenities that dancers love, including the following:

Dance Room

Three Large Dance Rooms

Each of our dance rooms is fully equipped with unique sub-flooring to help sustain joint health and to ensure our students can train in a safe environment.

Specialty Flooring

Specialty Flooring for Dancers

We incorporate Vinyl Marley flooring in studios one and two to help reduce injury and promote better training. In studio three, we have applied special acoustic flooring made specifically for tap dancers. By providing enhanced flooring for our students, we can better ensure they enjoy a professional, purposeful dancing experience.

Large Lobby

Large Lobby

Need to wait while your little one or spouse finishes dancing classes? Our lobby is spacious and has free high-speed WiFi, so you can surf the web or get work done while you wait.

Student Lounge

Student Lounge

When our students aren't in class, they have their own lounge with lockers where they can change and enjoy each other's company.



Pull up a chair in our lobby and get a peek into our process! Whether you're a student, parent, or spouse, our livestreams are fun and educational to watch.

 Dance Classes Mount Pleasant, SC

Holy City Dance Lessons Near Mount Pleasant, SC

At Holy City Dance Center, we're proud to offer dancing classes for all ages, from recreational programming for very young students to programs for teens and adults. Thinking we might not have a class for you if you're a beginner? Think again! No matter your experience level, we've got a dance program to help you grow.

A few of our most popular dance programs include the following:

Youth Programs

Our recreational youth programs are a great way for kids to learn about dance while practicing balance, motor skills, discipline, and much more.

 Dance Studio Mount Pleasant, SC

Mommy & Me: Ages 2-3

For toddlers who love to dance and move around, we offer a 45-minute Creative Movement class that focuses on basic ballet movements. This class is designed for boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 3 years old and aims to help fine-tune gross motor skills while building a passion for dance at an early age. To ensure that our young dancers stay engaged throughout the year, we integrate music, props, and seasonal themes into our lessons. Moms are welcome to join in on the fun or simply watch their little ones shine.

 Dance Courses Mount Pleasant, SC

Pre-K Combo Ages 3-4 (Ballet & Tap and Ballet & Jazz)

If your little one is between the ages of three and four and interested in dance, these hour-long classes are a great way for them to learn about different styles. Props, music, and games are still incorporated, but with added technical elements that will expand their dance knowledge and prepare them for a successful dance career. During each class session, students will focus on both style offerings and should ensure they have the necessary shoes and attire for each.

 Youth Dance School Mount Pleasant, SC

Youth Combo 5-7 (Ballet & Tap and Ballet & Jazz)

This package mimics our Pre-K Combo with all of the same features but is tailored to older children between the ages of five and seven.

 Adult Dance School Mount Pleasant, SC

Kinderpop Ages 5-7

For children aged five to seven, this 45-minute class offers a fun and lively introduction to hip-hop dance. While training, students will learn the fundamentals and vocabulary of hip-hop in an upbeat environment.

 Child Dance School Mount Pleasant, SC

Recreational Programs

These dance classes near Mount Pleasant, SC, are best suited for beginner and intermediate students between the ages of eight and eighteen.

 Youth Dance Classes Mount Pleasant, SC

For those who wish to delve into the intricacies of tap technique, these classes run for 45 minutes and cover all the fundamental tap moves. As students progress to higher-level classes, they will build on their skills and expand their repertoire. The classes include warm-up exercises, center-floor work, across-the-floor combinations, and complex choreography.

For students dedicated to improving their jazz technique's precision and intensity, these classes are the perfect fit. The classes run for a duration of 45 minutes and cover a range of activities, including a rigorous warm-up with a focus on flexibility training, center-floor work, across-the-floor combinations, and sharp choreography.

Our ballet classes are structured to help students master classical Vaganova techniques through barre exercises, center floor work, across-the-floor combinations, flexibility training, and explanations of ballet terminology. Each class is 1.5 hours long.

These 45-minute classes are designed for students who love to have fun and be the center of attention. They are perfect for lively, cheerful, and enthusiastic learners who want a welcoming and secure environment to express their energy. The classes concentrate on teaching the basics of footwork, body rolls, dynamics, and other essential dance skills.

If you're a student looking to express yourself through contemporary dance, these 45-minute classes are perfect for you. They focus on exploring the connection between emotion and movement, incorporating elements of lyrical dance, floor work, partnering, and improvisation. Through these methods, you'll be able to experience a sense of free movement and develop your own unique contemporary dance style.

These classes focus on building strength and flexibility for dancers while prioritizing injury prevention. Consisting of 45 to 60-minute sessions, taking this class one to two times a week can improve dancers' movement quality, style-specific skills, endurance, and prolong their dance careers.

Other recreational dance programs at Holy City Dance Center include:

  • Musical Theater - Focusing on techniques and dancing styles used in Broadway shows.
  • Dance FUNctions - Learn how to be a well-rounded, successful dancer.
  • Dance Comp & Improv - Learn the foundational skills of dance improv and the building blocks of dance composition.
  • Acro Dance - Learn how to blend the art of acrobatics and floor tumbling with traditional dancing.
  • Inclusive Dance - This class is perfect for dancers who have developmental delays or disabilities.

Adult Programs

If you're looking for a dance studio near Mount Pleasant, SC, that offers dance lessons for working adults, look no further than Holy City Dance Center. Our adult dance classes cater to all ages and abilities, from beginners to advanced. We aim to create a free and open environment where adult dancers can express themselves.

It's time to get those jazz hands moving! This 45-minute beginner-intermediate jazz class includes warm-up, strength training, center floor work, across-the-floor combinations, and sharp choreography.

This one-hour ballet class focuses on the power and accuracy of ballet technique. The class includes a well-planned barre warm-up, exercises for stretching and strengthening, center floor work, combinations across the floor, and ballet choreography.

This class is designed for those who are new to line dancing or need to refresh their skills. We will review choreographed steps and dances at a slower pace, covering the basics of line dancing and common dance terms. Each week, we will also learn at least one new dance.

Additional adult dance programs offered by Holy City Dance Center include:

Hip-Hop - This fun class features a structured walkthrough of the high-energy dance techniques known in hip-hop dancing.

Contemporary - Learn how to show emotion through dancing while adopting a free sense of stylization and movement.

Tap - If you're a beginner or intermediate dancer craving a journey that explores the precision and complexity of tap dancing, this class is for you.

 Adult Dance Classes Mount Pleasant, SC

Top Dancing Tips for Beginners in South Carolina

At Holy City Dance Center, we welcome students of all ages and experience levels. In fact, many of our students come to us with little-to-no dancing experience. We work closely with these students to help develop their dancing fundamentals and gradually incorporate new techniques and styles. If you know that you want to begin dancing but feel like the learning curve is too high, don't worry. We can help build your skill and confidence step-by-step with beginner dance lessons near Mount Pleasant, SC.

To help you along the way and expedite the learning process, keep these easy-to-implement tips in mind.

Find Your Inspiration

Find Your Inspiration

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the secret to becoming a great dancer is having the desire to excel. Always remember the reasons why you love dancing, as it will motivate you in moments of discouragement or lethargy. Ignite your passion by watching dance performances, chatting with fellow dancers, attending dance events, or simply listening to music that gets you moving.

Always Warm Up

Always Warm Up

Dancing without taking the time to warm up is sort of like baking biscuits without preheating your oven. You might be anxious to jump in and start, but doing so can leave you deflated and unprepared. Dancing with a cold and stiff body can be unpleasant and may lead to muscle injuries. Therefore, it's advisable to warm up and stretch before dancing. Doing so will help you move with greater range and control and also reduce the risk of injuries.

Let Go and Have Fun

Let Go and Have Fun

Always keep in mind that dancing is supposed to be a fun activity, not a burden or a source of anxiety. Dancing should be an outlet for those negative emotions! When you come for lessons at Holy City Dance Center, you can look forward to a fun, inviting atmosphere. No matter how many (or how few) dance moves you know, you can always have a good time learning how to dance with the right instructors and partners. Relax, have fun, and go with the flow. You'll be happy you did.

Get Your Groove On

Get Your Groove On

To improve your dancing skills, it's best to narrow down the specific styles you want to learn and focus on their foundational movements. One thing that all dance styles have in common is the "groove." You may not know it, but you probably groove out naturally to music all the time. Do you bob your head while driving or sway side to side at the club? If so, you've got the groove. Practicing grooves and becoming more comfortable with your body's movements will help you look better while dancing, whether in class, at a performance, or anywhere else.

Mix It Up

Mix It Up

When you first start dancing, it's common to want to dance with the same partner or friend. However, this can become boring over time. To avoid this, try dancing with a variety of people, especially when you're still learning the dance. Each person's interpretation of the music will give you a new perspective on the dance. You may worry about dancing with someone who is more advanced or less skilled than you. However, dancing with different people can help you practice being a good leader or follower. Every dance can be an opportunity to learn and grow. That's why, at Holy City Dance Center, we encourage multiple dance partners in applicable programs.

Learn and Repeat the Basics

Learn and Repeat the Basics

They say that repetition is key when it comes to learning a skill, and that's especially true when dancing. Practicing techniques over and over helps them become ingrained in your muscle memory, allowing you to execute them effortlessly. For instance, Popping exercises can enhance your control and control. House Step routines can improve your footwork and make you more comfortable on the dance floor. Whatever the dance style, start by nailing down and repeating elementary techniques. Before you know it, you'll be executing full routines from muscle memory.

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Dance with Your Heart and Your Feet Will Follow at Holy City Dance Center

 Child Dance Classes Mount Pleasant, SC

Whether you're looking for an extracurricular outlet for your child or want to learn how to tap dance in your 40s, our dance studio near Mount Pleasant, SC, is the premier choice for quality dance lessons. Our instructors are passionate about bringing your dancing dreams to life and are committed to providing you with an experience like no other. If you're ready to dance with your heart, your feet are sure to follow. All it takes is a little guidance and inspiration. Contact our dance studio today and take the first step toward a true dancing education tomorrow.

Latest News in Mount Pleasant, SC

Mount Pleasant one vote away from limiting home building permits until 2029

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - The town of Mount Pleasant is looking to extend limiting building permits for another five years in an effort to slow growth down and build infrastructure up.A proposal to extend the building permit allocation system was presented at a planning commission meeting Wednesday night with one more final vote left from the town council.As people continue to move to the Lowcountry, the town of Mount Pleasant put this building permit allocation into effect back in 2019 and is now looking to extend it until...

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCSC) - The town of Mount Pleasant is looking to extend limiting building permits for another five years in an effort to slow growth down and build infrastructure up.

A proposal to extend the building permit allocation system was presented at a planning commission meeting Wednesday night with one more final vote left from the town council.

As people continue to move to the Lowcountry, the town of Mount Pleasant put this building permit allocation into effect back in 2019 and is now looking to extend it until 2029.

“The council is very serious about maintaining our level of service,” Mount Pleasant’s Director of Planning, Land Use and Neighborhoods Michelle Reed says.

“Keeping the growth slowed down, the way they have the last five years, and slowing that growth rate down, has really allowed them to continue the levels of service that we provide to our citizens,” she adds.

The goal is to finish major capital improvement projects before allowing more growth to happen in the town.

“I think the idea is really to allow the town to continue with their infrastructure improvements and to catch up with all the growth that occurred over the years,” Reed says.

The system is broken down into three categories single-family units, accessory dwelling units and multifamily units with a certain number of permits to be issued on a semi-annual basis.

Reed says they never maxed out single-family permits with 480 available and a large amount carrying over into the next year, not really affecting single-family builds.

But if you want to add another dwelling unit to your property, only 20 permits are available each year with a large waitlist putting people on a list for July of 2024.

Five hundred multifamily units were available on a first come first serve basis when the system was put into place, with the permits going quickly to builds at Patriots Point and South Bay.

“Those are the two really that were most affected; your average person that’s coming here and is going to build a single-family home, really didn’t affect them,” Reed says.

But looking at the status of real estate in Mount Pleasant, Charleston Trident Association of Realtors Government Affairs Director Josh Dix says they find the most problems with the dwelling unit permits.

“You have this permit allocation taking place on single-family residential, but it extends beyond just single family,” Dix says. “It’s if you want to add a grandmother, in-law suite, or some duplex on a single-family lot, all of that is contained by this extension.”

Dix adds people are going to be priced out of the area with regulations like the building permit allocation system.

“You have folks in Mount Pleasant, this is an aging demographic, and we want them to be able to age in place,” he says.

“I think permit allocations and caps like what we’re seeing in Mount Pleasant is not the answer to keeping communities and residents in place, where they currently live and exist in their neighborhoods,” Dix adds.

Pricing is also affected, with single-family homes in Mount Pleasant that used to cost $500,000 are now in the millions, Dix says.

“The everyday, middle American that lives here in Charleston, they are being priced out of Mount Pleasant because of these onerous regulations,” he says.

Mount Pleasant Town Council will vote on the final approval for the permit building allocation system in January.

Copyright 2023 WCSC. All rights reserved.

Original crew members reflect on constructing Charleston's iconic Ravenel Bridge

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) — Every day cars, trucks, bikes and people cross the Ravenel Bridge to get to their destinations.Coming up on April 6, thousands of racers will come together for the annual Cooper River Bridge Run.For many people, the Ravenel Bridge is synonymous with the Holy City. But have you ever thought about who built the bridge?News 4 sat down with some of the original crew as they looked back on the project that shaped Charleston.READ MORE: ...

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCIV) — Every day cars, trucks, bikes and people cross the Ravenel Bridge to get to their destinations.

Coming up on April 6, thousands of racers will come together for the annual Cooper River Bridge Run.

For many people, the Ravenel Bridge is synonymous with the Holy City. But have you ever thought about who built the bridge?

News 4 sat down with some of the original crew as they looked back on the project that shaped Charleston.

READ MORE: "Ravenel Bridge's safety assured by engineers after Baltimore bridge collapse."

Jeffrey Teneyck and David Hand still have mementos from when they helped build the Ravenel.

"This is me checking loads of concrete," Teneyck says holding a photo. "I’d work 70 to 75 hours a week because, primarily, nothing went into this bridge without my okay."

"That's a piece of the rebar," says Hand. "I don't think anybody really wrapped their head around how cool and big it was."

Both men worked for Wando Concrete at the time.

READ MORE: "Rep. Gilliard proposes bridge safety committee creation after Baltimore bridge collapse."

"We built a plant just for this," Teneyck says. "It was a central batch plant where all the concrete is mixed in a big drum, dumped in the trucks, hauled to the job, and poured."

"We were one of the smaller concrete companies in the area at the time, and they wanted somebody local to do it," says Hand.

For four years, they spent nearly every day on-site, making sure the concrete was just right to shape and build the iconic bridge.

"We'd be here at 4 a.m. We had all-night pours as well. I spent two days on the job when we poured the 4,000 yards of concrete," Teneyck says.

"I slept in my truck for three days," Hand says. "It was a group of hardworking, very old school, hard-charging construction guys. Some of the smartest people I've ever met from all over the world."

READ MORE: "South Carolina's DOT announces replacement Don Holt Bridge."

They had to use new ways to get concrete from the plant to the water to the bridge.

"We had tugboats with two mixing trucks on each barge. So we’d come to the port on the other side, load from our trucks into the trucks on the barge, and bring them out to the job," says Teneyck.

"We literally had people working 24 hours a day just moving and slightly adjusting traffic patterns," Hand says. "That's really when it became – this thing is gonna be its own living entity of being the bridge and the gateway."

Both men say it's one of the safest bridges in the state.

"I can tell the public from the bottom of my heart this is perhaps the strongest bridge anywhere in the world," says Teneyck.

They're still in awe of their work nearly two decades later.

"I don't know about praise or thanks, because, again, it was not about us. It is a living thing that is a crowning jewel for the Lowcountry, the city," says Hand. "This is my crowning achievement."

Scene Calendar: Charleston area events April 4-10

EDITOR’S NOTE: To submit an event, go to Revitalizing the Salon with Julie Wheat and Douglas BalentineWhat: Join in to hear a discussion moderated by Nicki Clendening between Julie Wheat and Douglas Balentine as they explore their experience at the Chateau Orquevaux artist residency in France. View the work they created and photos of the surrounding estate and small village nearby...

EDITOR’S NOTE: To submit an event, go to


Revitalizing the Salon with Julie Wheat and Douglas Balentine

What: Join in to hear a discussion moderated by Nicki Clendening between Julie Wheat and Douglas Balentine as they explore their experience at the Chateau Orquevaux artist residency in France. View the work they created and photos of the surrounding estate and small village nearby.

When: 6 p.m. April 4

Where: The Charleston Library Society, 164 King St., Charleston

Price: $15 non-members, $10 members

More Info:

'The Roommate'

What: PURE Theatre announces the South Carolina premiere of Jen Silverman’s comedy two-hander, "The Roommate." The play is a dark comedy about what it takes to reroute your life — and what happens when the wheels come off.

When: 7:30 p.m. April 4-27

Where: Cannon Street Arts Center, 134 Cannon St., Charleston

Price: $47-$53

More Info: 843-723-4444,,


Teen Workshop: Ancient Engineering

What: Attempt to build your own miniature catapult, craft a chariot and embrace your inner Leonardo da Vinci to create a simple bridge capable of great strength. Teen Workshops offer an opportunity to engage with a variety of topics including history, the natural world and STEAM principles. For ages 13-17. Reservations required.

When: 10 a.m. April 5

Where: The Charleston Museum, 360 Meeting St., Charleston

Price: $15 non-members, $10 members

More Info: 843-722-2996 ext. 236,,

2024 Kiawah Art & House Tour

What: Self-guided tours of five homes, each featuring unique architecture, artwork and spectacular views. All proceeds fund literary, visual and musical arts programs for schoolchildren on Johns and Wadmalaw islands.

When: 1-5 p.m. April 5

Where: First National Bank, Freshfields Village, 398 Freshfields Drive, Kiawah Island

Price: $75

More Info:,

'Lowcountry Blues' Opening Reception

What: The Charleston Artist Guild Gallery is pleased to present "Lowcountry Blues," an exhibition by Julie Furlong. Furlong’s paintings depict the essence of the Lowcountry: a harmonious blend of tranquility, elegance and natural splendor. Guests will have the opportunity to meet the artist.

When: 5-8 p.m. April 5

Where: Charleston Artist Guild Gallery, 160 E. Bay St., Charleston

Price: Free

More Info: 843-814-5585,,

'Jazz it Up' Open House

What: Celebrate art inspired by music featuring five artists in the cooperative gallery. The works of Valerie Lamott, Laurie Prophater, Luann Rosenzweig, Susan Livingston and Tanya Craig will be spotlighted this month. Jazz up your style with art to wear, jewelry and home decor.

When: 5-8 p.m. April 5

Where: Charleston Crafts Gallery, 140 East Bay St., Suite D, Charleston

Price: Free

More Info: 713-553-7107,,

First Cut is the Deepest: A '90s Tribute Show

What: Homegrown Charleston-based music and lifestyle blog Extra Chill is set to make its Music Farm debut on the eve of the Cooper River Bridge Run. The show will feature an all-local lineup performing a mashup-style '90s tribute.

When: 8 p.m. April 5

Where: Music Farm, 32 Ann St., Charleston

Price: $12 advance, $15 day-of

More Info:


Keys & Conversations: West African Drumming

What: Check out the launch of the IAAM summer Keys & Conversations programming, providing youth and families the opportunity to witness performances and engage with musicians in specialized conversations on a variety of musical topics. The inaugural program features a West African drumming experience presented by the Amen-Ra Drummers. Museum entry tickets are not included in event program pricing and will need to be purchased separately.

When: 4-5 p.m. April 6

Where: International African American Museum, 14 Wharfside St., Charleston

Price: $20 adults, $10 age 6-16

More Info:

Design from your Parks: A South Carolina Spring

What: This gardening talk will focus on the perennial border and seasonal planting. This presentation will go through the perennials and bulbs planted in this location to highlight how you can add seasonal color from February through late fall. This quarterly series teaches homeowners how to design beautiful Lowcountry gardens while highlighting the seasonal beauty of the parks.

When: Noon April 6

Where: Rose Pavilion, Hampton Park, 30 Mary Murray Drive, Charleston

Price: $35

More Info: 843-724-5003,

Artist Talk: Spandita Malik

What: The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art invites locals and visitors to dive deeply into the work behind the current exhibition "Meshes of Resistance" with renowned artist Spandita Malik.

When: 2 p.m. April 6

Where: The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, 161 Calhoun St., Charleston

Price: Free

More Info:

100 Years of 'Rhapsody in Blue'

What: Join the Charleston Symphony to celebrate this milestone anniversary of Gershwin’s "Rhapsody in Blue," a groundbreaking masterpiece that forever changed the landscape of music when it debuted 100 years ago. Yuriy Bekker will lead the orchestra and soloists with works by George Gershwin, Leonard Bernstein, Frank Sinatra and more.

When: 7:30 p.m. April 6

Where: Gaillard Center, 95 Calhoun St., Charleston

Price: $28.75+

More Info: 843-723-7528,,


Salon Series

What: The Salon Series concludes with a focus on music for piano and strings.

When: 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. April 7

Where: South Carolina Society Hall, 72 Meeting St., Charleston

Price: $40-$50

More Info: 843-763-4941,

Ranky Tanky

What: Ranky Tanky (a Gullah phrase for "get funky") are five lifelong friends from Charleston who have established themselves as passionate global ambassadors for their local culture and community, helping to faithfully preserve the traditions originated by African Americans in the coastal South during slavery that are kept alive through the present day.

When: 7 p.m. April 7

Where: Gaillard Center, 95 Calhoun St., Charleston

Price: $30.42+

More Info: 843-724-5212,


Total Solar Eclipse on the Water

What: Get ready to witness the solar eclipse on the water while cruising around historic downtown Charleston.

When: 2-5 p.m. April 8

Where: The Carolina Girl Yacht, 2408 Maybank Highway, Johns Island

Price: $60

More Info:

The Post and Courier Travel: Morocco Launch Party

What: The Post and Courier Travel invites you to the launch event for our upcoming journey to Morocco, departing on Oct. 14, 2024. Join in for an exciting evening to get to know your trip guide, Editor-in-Chief Autumn Phillips, as well as all the details of this adventure. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be provided.

When: 6 p.m. April 8

Where: The Charleston Library Society, 164 King St., Charleston

Price: Free

More Info:


Mount Pleasant Farmers Market

What: This weekly market, founded in 1998, features vendors selling local farm-fresh produce, meats, sauces, baked goods and other specialty foods, as well as prepared food vendors for those looking for a unique meal.

When: 3:30-7 p.m. every Tuesday April through September

Where: Moultrie Middle School, 645 Coleman Blvd., Mount Pleasant

Price: Free

More Info: 843-709-1150,,

Cocktails for a Cause

What: Enjoy craft cocktails in support of the Warrior Surf Foundation. The event will include light hors d'oeuvres, drinks from the cash bar and a surfboard auction. Fifty percent of proceeds go directly to WSF, an organization working to provide free surf therapy, wellness coaching, yoga and community to veterans struggling with mental health issues.

When: 6-8 p.m. April 9

Where: Harbour Club at WestEdge, 22 Westedge St., Suite 700, Charleston

Price: $30

More Info:


Now Open!

What: The Post and Courier’s food section is giving avid eaters the first crack at experiencing Charleston’s newest dining destinations. Featured restaurants providing samples in a taste-around format include Costa, Condado, Dulce, The James, Lost Isle and more.

When: 6-8 p.m. April 10

Where: The Porter Room, Holy City Brewing, 1021 Aragon Ave., North Charleston

Price: $35

More Info:

Theresa Caputo

What: For more than a decade, Theresa Caputo — known as the Long Island Medium and star of the new Lifetime series "Raising Spirits" — has touched the lives of millions, comforting supporters when they need it most.

When: 7:30 p.m. April 10

Where: North Charleston Coliseum & Performing Arts Center, 5001 Coliseum Drive, North Charleston

Price: $49.75+

More Info:

ECCO Groundbreaking Ceremony

What: East Cooper Community Outreach (ECCO), a nonprofit organization committed to provide help and hope to local neighbors facing financial hardship, is excited to announce a Ceremonial Groundbreaking event to mark the beginning of its renovation and expansion project. They will also unveil their Wellness Food Pantry.

When: 10 a.m. April 10

Where: ECCO, 1145 Six Mile Road, Mount Pleasant

Price: Free with RSVP

More Info: 843-416-7142,

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$2.4B deal buys 3 South Carolina hospitals, including Mount Pleasant facility

Listen to this articleThree area hospitals have been sold in a $2.4 billion deal to North Carolina-based Novant Health by the previous owner, Tenet Healthcare of Dallas, Texas.The sale of East Cooper Medical Center in Mount Pleasant, Hilton Head Hospital in Hilton Head and Coastal Carolina Hospital in Hardeeville includes the associated physician clinics and other operations, according to a news release from Novant Health.“We are beyond thrilled to welcome our new team members...

Listen to this article

Three area hospitals have been sold in a $2.4 billion deal to North Carolina-based Novant Health by the previous owner, Tenet Healthcare of Dallas, Texas.

The sale of East Cooper Medical Center in Mount Pleasant, Hilton Head Hospital in Hilton Head and Coastal Carolina Hospital in Hardeeville includes the associated physician clinics and other operations, according to a news release from Novant Health.

“We are beyond thrilled to welcome our new team members and grow our presence in South Carolina,” said Carl S. Armato, president and CEO, Novant Health, which is headquartered in Winston-Salem. “Novant Health’s long-term vision is to transform the health and wellness of these communities through expanded specialty services and clinical expertise. We are energized and united behind our cause to create a healthier future together by building connections with patients and clinicians in coastal South Carolina.”

The East Cooper Medical Center includes 15 physician clinics. Hilton Head Hospital includes the Bluffton Okatie Outpatient Center and 12 physician clinics. Coastal Carolina Hospital in Jasper County includes the Tidewatch Free-Standing Emergency Department in Bluffton, according to the news release.

Novant Health said continuity of care is a priority and appointments and procedures will continue as scheduled during the transition period. “We are working closely with our new Novant Health team members to ensure a seamless transition for patients and team members,” Joel Taylor, market CEO of Hilton Head Regional Healthcare, said in the release. “We are eager to move forward together in support of our teams and know decisions will be made with our community’s needs at the forefront.”

“There’s a lot to be excited about when planning for our future,” Tyler Sherrill, CEO of East Cooper Medical Center, said in the release. “Novant Health is known for elevating clinician leadership to provide patients with a trusted health care experience through world-class technology, personal connections and convenient access to care.”

Tenet Health also owns a cluster of imaging centers and urgent care clinics in York, Rock Hill and Fort Mill, but those South Carolina properties were not part of the deal for the coastal hospitals.

“We understand that taking care of our patients starts with taking care of our people, so I’m delighted to join a leadership team that strives to not only be a healthc are provider of choice but also an employer of choice,” Ryan Lee, CEO of Coastal Carolina Hospital, said in the release. “I look forward to expanding the resources available to our team.”

Novant Health supports health and wellness programs in the community, including health education/screenings, community health workers and mobile cruisers. Each year, Novant Health provides hundreds of programs that serve patients, neighbors and some of their communities’ most vulnerable citizens, the company said in the release.

The Novant Health network consists of more than 1,900 physicians and more than 38,000 team members who provide care at more than 800 locations, the release said.

Mount Pleasant plans to limit home building permits until 2029 in effort to slow growth

MOUNT PLEASANT — In an ongoing backlash to years of soaring population growth and traffic complaints, this affluent suburb plans to extend ...

MOUNT PLEASANT — In an ongoing backlash to years of soaring population growth and traffic complaints, this affluent suburb plans to extend strict limits on building permits for another five years.

Just 600 new residences would be permitted yearly in the town of more than 94,000 people, and the actual number would likely be lower.

The yearslong effort to slow residential development by capping building permits is a step no other municipality in South Carolina has taken, but few have experienced growth like Mount Pleasant. The town's population has roughly doubled since 2000 and tripled since 1990.

“There was concern in the community about our infrastructure being able to keep up with the growth rate, and I don’t think that concern has gone away," said Councilwoman G.M. Whitley, who put the permit limit extension before Town Council in November.

The measure is scheduled for a Planning Commission hearing Dec. 13, with a final Town Council vote expected in January. The "building permit allocation system" has been in place nearly five years, and instead of expiring in early 2024, it would be extended to 2029.

Mount Pleasant News

It's among many steps the town has taken to thwart rapid growth. There's also a moratorium on new apartment construction that's been in place for seven years, zoning rules have been changed to limit building height and density, and development impact fees were increased dramatically.

In 2018, the year before the permit caps began, the town saw 1,407 new dwelling units — houses, apartments, townhouses and other types of residences. Last year, there were 759.

Graphic: New residential units in Mount Pleasant

Building permit limits that began in early 2019 slowed residential development in Mount Pleasant. The town plans to extend those limits to 2029. NOTE: 2023 data As of novEMBER





Graphic: New residential units in Mount Pleasant

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The permit limits were aimed at slowing the town's annual growth rate for residences from more than 3 percent to a target of 2.1 percent. The result was a growth rate even lower, marked by a low of 1.29 percent in 2020 when just 520 new residences were built.

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Mount Pleasant's ordinance in 2019 laid out justifications for limiting building permits, and nearly five years later those have not changed.

The ordinance to extend the permit limits uses the same language, which says "the effects of significant growth are apparent and have resulted not only in increased traffic, congestion and noise, but have also burdened the services.." and "...the town’s road system is barely capable of adequately handling current traffic..."

The permit rules are particularly strict when it comes to higher density multi-family construction, such as apartments and condos. Just 500 new multi-family residences would be allowed over five years, while 2,400 single-family homes could be permitted.

Perhaps surprisingly, despite the limits in place since 2019, hundreds of single-family-home permits went unclaimed.

“Right now we have in excess of 800-900 single-family permits," said Michele Reed, the town's planning director.

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Real estate professionals said a lack of developable land in Mount Pleasant and the high cost of any land available help explain why hundreds of permits to build houses were not used.

“Mount Pleasant, in a lot of ways, is near build-out," said Josh Dix, government affairs director for the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors. "There’s not a lot of opportunity for single-family."

Real Estate

If the town were to annex more properties, that could change. The town is currently in a lawsuit over rules that require property owners to become part of the town in order to get the water and sewer service needed for development.

The suit was filed by owners of a 185-acre tract on the Wando River, known as the Republic tract.

If it were to be developed in the town, Mount Pleasant's impact fees would apply and permit limits would allow just 25 new homes per developer every six months. If it could be developed as an unincorporated part of Charleston County, town officials have said the county's zoning would allow about 1,600 homes.

So, Mount Pleasant is mostly built-out, but that could change.

In the current permit-limiting plan that started in 2019, all but 10 of the 500 multi-family permits were claimed, as were all 100 of the permits allowed for accessory dwellings — generally small second homes on the same property as a primary home.

Mount Pleasant News

Unclaimed permits will not roll over into the next proposed 5-year program. And as with the current program, there would be limits on how many single-family permits could be obtained every six months.

Drew Grossklauss, a Mount Pleasant realtor who became president of the Charleston Trident Association of Realtors in November, said he understands the town needs to address growth but the length of the permit limit extension seems unnecessary.

“I would say five years seems like an extreme to do something," he said.

There are exceptions to the permit caps. The two developments that have ongoing agreements with the town, Carolina Park and Liberty Hill Farm, are exempt, as are developments of affordable housing.

Real Estate

During the last five years, there was one townhouse development, Gregorie Ferry Towns, that qualified for the affordable housing exception — townhomes started at $279,000 — but real estate professionals doubt private developers could create more.

"The cost of land, the cost of construction — all these things add up," said Dix. He said allowing more permits for multi-family housing could help create more affordable housing.

“There is a lot of talk from realtors that if we build a lot of multi-family housing, Mount Pleasant would be more affordable, but I think that’s not true," said Whitley. "They will charge what the market will bear."


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