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Hayley Zammuto

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Hayley Zammuto is originally from the greater Boston area and took her first hip hop class at the age of nine. Her passion for dance was immediate and she expanded the following year to taking numerous classes in various styles as well as joining her home studio’s competition team. Through her competitive dance years, Hayley was granted the opportunity to take classes with leaders in the industry such as Mia Michaels, Teddy Forance, Stephen “TWitch” Boss, Gaby Diaz, Allison Holker, Alex Wong and more. She was recognized frequently by competition judges for her emotion and musicality in her performances. Throughout her teen years, Hayley expanded her dance experience outside of her local studio, taking ballet intensive courses at the Hanover Theater and, at age 16, traveling into Boston to apprentice for The Boston Community Dance Project, a professional dance company.

Hayley went on to attend Dean College as an Arts and Entertainment Management major with a concentration in Dance. While at Dean, Hayley was granted numerous performance opportunities, including dancing on an award winning Dance Team and even performing with Flo Rida in front of 60,000 people at the Patriots Opening Game after winning the Super Bowl in 2017. However, Hayley quickly learned that her unique niche academically was centered around balancing business logistics within the creative atmosphere of the arts. This led her to focus much of her energy backstage and in the classroom, where she met her true calling.

Hayley had recognized early on that she had a love for teaching. She began working as an assistant dance teacher at 13 and began teaching her own classes at 17. But it was in her college years that this hobby turned into a true passion. She continued to teach classes all over the Central Massachusetts and Greater Boston area until moving to Charleston in 2020. Hayley thrives by watching her students grow and excel at something that meant so much to her when she was growing up. Seeing students dedicate their time and energy to an art form that has added so much value to her own life is something she considers to be priceless.

Hayley is thrilled to be continuing her dance journey with the formation of Holy City Dance Center. She hopes to create an environment where all of her students are free to express themselves through dance and feel at home while at the studio. She wants her students to know that as long as they are willing to work hard, she will never stop working to help them be the most talented and well-rounded dancers they can be.

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