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Audrey Sarbin

Audrey Sarbin 1

Audrey Sarbin is originally from southwest Virginia and has been dancing for nearly 15 years. Before dance, Audrey tried many different sports and activities, but none of it compared to the love she found being in the dance studio. Within the first few years she began competing with groups in the styles of hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, tap, and clogging. After competing her first solo at the age of 9 and every year after that, she went on to compete two – three solos each year of high school in addition to many duets and trios. Audrey aimed to participate in as much as possible. Her dance friends and teammates became family and the studio became her second home. During her time competing, Audrey and her teammates were awarded at competitions with high score accolades, scholarships, and special recognitions including Dancer of the Year for the 2019-2020 season.

Audrey had dreams of pursuing dance as a career and began exploring opportunities for intensives outside of her home studio. She attended many events in New York City which included classes by Tessandra Chavez, Ian Eastwood, Al Blackstone, Brian Freedman, and so many more. During her trips to New York, Audrey enjoyed taking drop in classes at Broadway Dance Center. After attending a three week, ballet intensive at the Charlottesville Ballet in the summer of 2018, Audrey sustained a foot injury for the entire following season.

This injury, along with many others, which resulted in physical therapy and recovery time out of the dance studio, influenced a shift for Audrey. She realized how much she had missed out on by spending so much time in a physical therapist’s office instead of the dance studio. Through the inspiration of many, Audrey decided her new focus would be injury prevention and recovery for dancers to help them avoid the same experience she had.

Audrey moved to Charleston in 2021 after graduating high school to start college as a double major in Exercise Science and Dance at the College of Charleston, with plans to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. During this time, Audrey started teaching, thinking it would be something fun to do while she was in college. Little did she know teaching a couple of classes a few times a week would spark a deep passion for something she had never considered. She realized her place was back where she had found her first love for dance, in the studio – not a physical therapist’s office. Here she could build and train the dancers in a way that would prevent them from having to be treated for injuries.

Audrey has now found her second love for dance through teaching and watching her students achieve new successes through understanding how the body functions and ways to safely train while learning the skills and techniques of dance in all forms.

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